Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Party members, We have found the problem and the problem is you.

Party politics has no business in American government.

It serves no purpose other than to polarize discussion and divert the public's attention from issues into an "us or them" mentality.

The more people run around trying to promote their party or the candidate that their party is pushing, the less they keep their mind open to what is really going on behind the scenes.

The more people push their chosen party affiliation over any other, you have a break in thought and communication.

A candidate who takes a party's money to run for office is beholden to that party's platform in some large degree.  For any candidate to say they are promoting any party's platform over the best interests of all the people, is to represent the interests of a select group over the interests of all others.  That is not what our system of government is supposed to be about.  That is a huge breach of liberty.  It is a violation of public trust from the very start.

What party politics accomplishes is a dependence on huge amounts of money required to successfully run for an office that pays a tiny fraction of that amount and incurs unethical obligations to financial backers for those candidates and party representatives.

Consider that over the past several elections, the policies and actions of the elected, regardless of party, only seem to continue and push forward the same policies and practices that have been building in scope from one "class" of elected reps to the next.

Being democrat or republican has not only not changed the policies and practices of the previous officeholders, but accelerated them in many cases.  Yet while the two parties seem to be in sync with each other in the background, they continue to divide the voting public with competing rhetoric and and maintain the status quo by encouraging voter apathy.

Yet all the people who climb aboard the party trains can do is spout that rhetoric and be played as combatants against each other.

Every time I take one of those silly online tests to see what political thinking or party I identify most with, it seems to show me as compatible with Libertarians and the Libertarian party.  Yet in all these years,  I have yet to ever refer to myself as a Libertarian and flat out refuse to join the Libertarian Party.

Why is that?  Because to do so would place me fully in the camp of screaming idiots who stand like pawns before the rich and morally corrupt party leadership who are the same team playing all sides of the board.  Sorry, can't allow that.  Won't participate in it.

Think for yourself, stay independent and question everyone and trust no party.

By the way, the federal government is supposed to be under the authority of the states.  it is the ratification of the Constitution and Bill of Rights by the states that gives it what authority it has,  Not the other way around.

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