Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Integrity in governance

Integrity.  A simple definition is the trait or quality to stay "true" to what one beelieves is right regardless of what or opposed to how many others do or is popular.  To do what one says they will do reliably.

Integrity is hugely important to those of the libertarian persuasion.  To someone such as myself who consider myself a Constitutional libertarian, it is perhaps the most important quality in a person.

Integrity was of vital importance to the authors/framers and signers of the founding documents.  For them, the founding documents are the "right" way to do things in  to run a country.

We see this high value on integrity called into play often but perhaps most significantly in elections and taking office protocols.  It is required of people taking office to pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution.  In describing election process, requirements of office and the character or quality most referred to or described is being faithful or "true" to the Constitution.

Integrity.  Our leaders and representatives elected from among us are expected to uphold the Constitution as what is Right.  They are tasked with upholding and defending the Constitution even when, especially when, it may seem popular to disregard the Constitution.

To hold an office such as President, Representative or Senator, among others, there are no educational or occupational requirements to meet.  But they are supposed to be able to take that oath and have the integrity to fulfill it. It shouldn't matter if one was a farmer or a lawyer.  Their skin color, being male or female, national origin of them or their families etc... shouldn't even matter.  What matters is that they have the integrity to uphold the Constitution as what is Right and do their job accordingly.

When we study candidates for elected office, it is,  as citizens, our duty to elect those who have said integrity as opposed to those with questionable or lacking integrity to uphold the Constitution and perform the tasks and duties of that office.

As libertarians, by nature idealistic people who believe in integrity as a highly valuable characteristic in a person, I think it is our place to to hold candidates and office holders feet to the fire in regards to having the integrity to champion the U.S. Constitution especially in it's purposes to limit government and ensure individual rights.

What we have today is a crisis of character in our elected representatives and in our citizens.  Integrity in upholding the Constitution is seen these days as being obstructive to what is popular and not being a good team player.

As libertarians, we should be encouraging and supportive of those who show the quality of integrity to the Constitution.  Without that integrity, we might as well just be a "mob rules" place where the desires and whims of the masses overrule and dictate over the individual.

Oh wait, we're libertarian.  We're supposed to have the integrity to stand up for individual rights.