Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get it back on it's leash

My friends, neighbors and fellow citizens.  Here's a simple question, "What came first, the States or the Federal government?"

If you answered the federal government, you are incorrect.  The states existed before the U.S. Constitution was drafted and signed which thus created and limited it in its powers.

The states at the time created a union among themselves to provide  common defense and to improve trade and cooperation between the states.  The federal government which resulted as a consequence of that was never and never should be, "in charge".  The federal government is only what the states allow it to be. 

In the last century or more though, those who are elected and employed in the federal government have gotten things confused and somehow gotten the idea that the federal government is the "leadership" of the union. 

No, my friends, it most certainly is nothing more than an entity which was meant to handle the business of the combined states.  This is why, in no uncertain terms, the Constitution enumerated the federal government's powers from the start.  It was never meant to be the leash holder, but to wear the collar.

When we talk about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and we talk of "interpreting these, people come up with the wide array of ideas in how to do so.  However, rightfully speaking, there really is only one way to view the Constitution and Bill of Rights and that is from the perspective of the sates as they ratified those documents.

The states are the only power that can give the Constitution and Bill of Rights their status.  No ratification of an amendment by the states? No amendment.  pure and simple.  The states have the last word on the subject.  the federal elected representatives the employees and those appointees to positions within the federal government are there at the interests of the combined states.

When an amendment is pitched to each state for ratification, it is pitched with a purpose as to why it should be ratified.  Those stated reasons are the only really valid "interpretations that need to be understood because it is based on those stated reasons that the states ratified the amendment or not.

Do not let Congressmen, Senators, Presidents or Supreme Court Justices fool you.  They are there because the states say they are there.  The states say so by means of the U.S. Constitution.

There is a reason that presidents like Obama, certain congress persons, senators and others want to change or disregard the U.S. Constitution.   It is the shackle on their ankle.  That document is the power of the United States over the federal government.

The power in this country has always been, and will continue to be (unless we are stupid enough to change it) in the states that have come together and lend the weight of their authority to the Constitution which binds the federal government to being a servitor of the states. 

In simple terms, the federal government and all those within it exist to serve the states and the citizen residents in each state.

This attitude from Washington is an Isaac Asimov story come true.  The creation has come to think of itself as having power over it's creator.  It's time to assert our states authority and reign in a runaway federal government.

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