Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The most insidious ism of all

People get caught up fighting or engaging in racism, sexism, age-ism, etc...  but those are all just symptoms of a greater problem.

There seems to be some deep seated need in people to see themselves and everyone else as only part of some group.  Collectivism is the most degrading, destructive and demeaning ism of all.  It preys upon humanity like a parasitic mind destroying, self consuming virus.

We seek to define ourselves as unique individuals yet only seem happy if we are comfortably lumped into some collective consciousness.

We seem determined to be protective of our grouped units and comfiest as part of a collection of those we seek validation from the most.

How often do we as people find ourselves in situations of our own creation where we have become polarized in "us vs them" scenarios that don't really even need to exist except for our desperate clinging to be part of the group.

If you choose to define yourself or allow others to define you by your appearance, your value or belief system, your geographical or political affiliation, the problem lies within yourself.

Can we share common beliefs, ideals, values, culture, etc... and be influenced by those?  Most certainly.  Must we allow those things to define us as individual people?  Absolutely not.

Ultimately, our lives are individually our own.  We must ultimately make the decisions for how to live or die, on our own.
You are you, we can be we, but I must only be the me-est me I can be.

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