Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Elected Officeholders, Not Divine Selection

The elected offices of the U.S. government have been laid out in the Constitution.  The office holders don't get to just show up and do anything they like, whatever they want.  They have a duty to perform independent of their personal interests.

I don't look at any officeholder such as President, Senator, Congressperson or even Supreme Court Judge as "My" whatever.  They are "The" whatever.  I judge their performance according to how well they perform the duties and tasks as set for their positions as laid out in the Constitution.

If any elected officeholder cannot set aside their personal interests and preferences to do the job as specified on behalf of ALL Americans, they are not doing their job and they do not deserve support or re-election.  Period.

Now, a candidate or elected officeholder can come to the table with an idea of how they best see to address or approach one of the tasks and duties of their office.  There are often a variety of different ways to do something, some more effective others less.  Some more in line with the founding documents, some that are riding the fine line and others that go way outside the line.

For many people, the use of "My" and "The" is functionally irrelevant because we share the same understanding of the context of officeholders doing their jobs as defined by the Constitution.   For others who either are obtuse to the context or intentionally take things out of context in the effort to re-define and re-purpose ideas so as to change those understanding that officeholders are supposed to be limited by the Constitution in the carrying out of their office's duties, then it becomes more of an important part of the discussion.

FACT:  The elected officeholders in the government have pre-determined duties of the office that is their first and primary concern and cause to be in said office.

FACT: Elected officeholders are elected as representatives of ALL those in their electorate, not just those of a shared party, religious or social affiliation.

The first duty of the government and all elected and appointed officeholders as well as employees is the stewardship and defense of the natural rights identified and recognized in the Declaration of Independence.  That is the purpose of the Constitution.  The Constitution specifically details the delimiting restriction on the government to carry out only that which is necessary to conduct the business of the Federal government while acting in the role of Steward and defender of every individual's natural rights and all rights derivative of those.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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