Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Slippery Slope is Already in Place.

Arizona is is the news again for another law they passed.

This one is to make it illegal to perform an abortion based on the fetus's race or gender.

Meaning, if the parent(s) don't want the baby because it's a girl or the girl is being encouraged by her parents to have the abortion because it's part part Native American or otherwise, that is illegal.

Surprisingly, that makes sense.  Not surprising in terms of preventing such discrimination, but in applying it legally to abortion.

First of all, to those people who don't think abortions should be regulated, you are also very often the same group of people who argue against 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms and push to heavily regulate that.

Prematurely ending a life is right up there in scale of importance, if not more so, than arms and  I don't think any sane person would question the need to regulate it so that it can be an option in life threatening and critical situations as well as making sure it's not done frivolously or with malice.

The slippery slope I describe is in action because Americans have already begun the practice of "regulating" Constitutional freedoms. On top of that, there are already products and practices available to people to reduce and prevent unwanted pregnancies. 

To say you forgot or didn't have access to said methods is hogwash because it is a publicly funded effort to make these methods available at little to no cost.

If you claim to not know or not be able to access, you simply made no effort whatsoever.

At which point, to not have acted to prevent a pregnancy, you have essentially consented to accept a pregnancy.

The exception being that if one can show, with evidence, that one did take medications and use methods intending to prevent pregnancy AND pregnancy occurred anyway AND it would create a critical or otherwise un-safe situation to parent and/or child  then an abortion could be considered.

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  1. Those who propose the general population 'pay for' abortion by the use of 'taxpayer' monies are actually prescribing that we incur the debt for genocide and by knowledge or not also incur guilt for doing so.

    If said methods of birth control are not really that effective, then abstinence is the answer. But that takes self control and responsibility for ones actions. Who ever thought of such a thing??

    Those folks who want to allow abortions willy nilly and gun control can live like socialists/communists if they want... pack up and go where it's law. I'll take freedom which implies I have to take responsibility for my actions.

    Pass the ammo, please!!