Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Monday, March 21, 2011

Heading into dangerous waters

Now, bear in mind,  I am a self proclaimed isolationist.  If it were up to me, The U.S. armed forces would be nowhere in the world that wasn't a direct and present threat to national security in geographical terms.

Have we been seeing reports that our military is actively participating in the intercession of another, sovereign nation's activities?

It's pretty convenient the pro participation camp says that "we" simply must stand up to tyrants who would mow down their own citizens in cold blood, yet those same advocates have stood silent and idly by while the exact same thing is happening in several other countries.

What makes Libya more deserving of our intervention than those other countries?  I suspect, Libya has more oil clout than they do.  But hey, only George Bush and the Republicans think that way right?  not the democratic, liberal millionaires who own plenty of oil stocks just as well as the republicans do.

Sorry, both parties are pretty equally crooks, this only demonstrates it's the choice of victims and weapons that differ.

It's been bandied about on several "respectable" media sites online and in the print and television media that the president did not officially obtain congressional support or "permission" to engage American troops in battle with another sovereign country that posed no direct threat to our security.

People say that Bush lied to obtain permission to get into Iraq and the voting record is clear that he didn't need to convince anyone to go to Afghanistan, they were behind it all the way.  But you notice, whether accused of lying or not, he went to congress for the word.

I see no record of vote by congress to do similar in Libya even though it is American efforts that have been overwhelmingly been used to attack Libyan targets.

We are entering dangerous time and I am not just talking about wars with other countries.

That the president is not seeking the Constitutionally required approval of Congress to engage in military action against another sovereign nation and the abuse of the executive order, we are witnessing something that is fast approaching a takeover of the American government by the president.

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  1. I say impeach him!! Not only has he entered into another military conflict without congressional approval, but has also totally ignored what he agreed to in the budgeting agreement.. There were 4 czars he appointed while congress was in recess. Part of the budget for the balance of the year defunded those 4 czars, yet they are still working? Wow!! What a guy!!!