Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dividing States Rights from Federal Obligation

The Obama administration still complains that the Arizona law on immigration and other localities passing similar laws are violating or obstructing the federal governments ability to do their job of managing immigration.

What happens when the federal government gives itself the responsibility to do a job, taking said job out of the states hands, but then fails to do that job in a satisfactory or successful manner?

It's not just the Obama administration, the federal government has been laying down on the job for years, through several administrations and parties supposedly being 'in charge'. They have failed miserably. Yet they still insist that states not take on the task themselves.

It's interesting how the federal government can have drug enforcement concerns, automobile highway safety concerns, public health concerns and force those issues onto the states as un-funded and state enforced mandates.

On the issue of immigration however, even though they haven't been getting it done, they want to insist on taking on all of this issue. "Sorry states, get out of our way so we can be tied up in partisan hacking please."

Democrat Obama stands on his soapbox and points his finger at republicans calling them out for playing partisan games, yet playing those same partisan games himself like a pro, not taking any responsibility for himself or democrats partisan obstruction and diversion.

Truth be told, neither party has any business pointing at anyone other than themselves. Both parties are equally as guilty in regards to hijacking the government and catering to party interests rather than the interests of all Americans, regardless of political party identification.

I hold Obama, the Democrat and Republican parties in contempt of the American people and the United States of America. (somehow, the 'United States" part of that they still aren't getting).

Obama and the rest of the obstructive and obtuse politicians, step out of the way of the states who actually intend on doing something about the issue and how it affects those states instead of blathering and standing in the way.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

American Expectations

What do we expect from each other as Americans?

Should we have expectations of others? The Constitution says we should.

As Americans, we expect to have others respect our rights and freedoms as we are expected to respect them for other Americans.

What does that mean though, in day to day life?

It means that we should mind our own business, make sure we are getting our own lives taken care of before we go looking at someone elses life.

That doesn't mean we should turn a blind eye from our neighbors when they are in danger, only that we need to make sure we are doing the best we can with our own lives before turning to others.

It means we should expect to stand together to defend these rights and freedoms EVERY TIME an American is at risk of having those rights violated. We are only guaranteed these rights and freedoms so long as we are willing to make sure all Americans have them.

I expect Americans to remember that our rights stop where the next persons start. Just because I have the right to pursue happiness, doesn't mean I have the right to deprive you of your right to life or liberty. I expect Americans to respect that just as they want me to respect it when it is turned in their direction.

As Americans, the Constitution isn't just some super document, it is a reflection of us. It is only as strong as we are willing to support it. When we decide that the rights and freedoms in the Constitution are only for certain people and that others are to be denied due to class, race, education, gender, political ideas, etc... then the Constitution is meaningless.

I expect other Americans to stand up and fight for the Constitution. To remember all the people who struggled, fought and died to make it a Constitution for ALL Americans. It has been a long, ugly, bloody path we as Americans have traveled to see that All Americans are protected by the Constitution. We have seen rascism, civil war, classism, attacks from within by those who would over throw the Constitution only to gain power for a group of people instead of all people.

We must expect each other to remember the ugly times in this country's past to keep working and ensure that those obstacles are not laid on any Americans, all Americans, ever again.

I have lived my life enjoying the rights and freedoms the Constitution provides. I will do whatever I must to make sure my children, and your children, have the same opportunity, even if it means I must fight or die.

I expect the same from every other American. You can expect it from me.