Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Appeasement To The "Entitled" Doesn't Work

People come together to form organizations all the time.

They form clubs, countries, religious bodies, schools, and much more.

It's wired into people to come together and "circle the wagons, so to speak.

Let's say we create a group that exists to represent a group of people's religious ideals.

Let's further say that some schools out there find out we offer money to help schools keep their doors open who meet our requirements of being a pillar of that religious view.

For now, let's keep it basic.  The school wants our religious group's money and support since we have a lot of people with students to recruit from.  in order to get and keep the money, we have a few things that the school needs to agree to.

If the school agrees to the rules to be affiliated with our group, hence eligible to get our money and backing, then all is good.

Say the school starts doing things that are skirting the ideals an values they agreed to hold to.  They made an agreement, if they start playing games and trying to not abide by that agreement, they are in breach of contract at the very least and have shown themselves to be untrustworthy and not the sort of people we want representing our group at the worst.

Now, maybe the people in the school complain that they think our requirements are too stringent.  They think we should change our group.  The school didn't have any problem taking our money though.  They had no problem sending recruitment letters to our members kids, did they?

No, just like many people nowadays, they want to have things both ways.  They don't think they should be held to agreements they made just so they can try to recruit and appeal to other groups of people.

I say, go ahead.  If you want to appeal to those other groups which takes you to doing things that you know violate the agreement you made with our group, then by all means, dissolve the agreement, return the money we gave you and go on with your plan.

You will lose our backing and any gains by association with our group, but you made the choice and now you have to accept the consequences of that choice.

It's the same problem no matter what the group is.  Religious, governmental, social, etc...   People today do not want to accept the consequences of their decisions and want to force everyone else to change to meet their wants.

Many groups have moved into trying to appease this growing number of people who want the world to cater to them.  The people who believe they are entitled somehow to getting anything they want without having to make any change on their own part.  This is appeasement.  It doesn't work because the more these people get their way, the more the expect to get their way.

Some people say that the most simple way to look at the term "conservative" is to say that it is doing things, "by the book".

This means, if you signed an agreement, you are bound to it as  it is written.  People expect you to follow that agreement based on what is actually written in it, rather than just whatever you feel like doing.

Do you think the agreement needs to be re-written or changed?  Then man up and talk to the group face to face and see what they say.  Don't play stupid games or act like petulant children and just go violate the terms of the agreement just because you don't like it anymore.

We make choices every day.  Choices have consequences.  People today don't want to accept the consequences of their choices.  They want someone else to accommodate them so that they don't have to own those consequences.

Then they wonder why the country is so messed up.  What with all the people running around not being responsible for themselves and running away from the consequences of their decisions.