Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Constitutional Facilitation vs Governed Profiteering

There was a time and place when people could make their own way.  When a person had food or didn't have food.  Had shelter or no shelter, clothes or no clothes.  Everything.  All of it depended on them.  If they took the initiative to go out into the world, catch, grow or collect their own resources and put them to use.

There was a time when a person could live their own life and decide for themselves if they liked making or growing or catching, etc.. something in particular.  It was something they were particularly good at and could turn that into an opportunity for trade to get other things. 

People didn't need "governors", they just needed opportunities and access to resources. 

People need facilitators.  People who through a collective agreement select one person or a group of people to make sure those opportunities and resources are available for everyone.  People who don't ration the resources, just ensure that access to them is open to anyone equally and equitably.

What we have now though are governors.  People who instead of seeing the people around them and saying "I have to make sure that all these people can get to what they need to take care of themselves", instead say " I have to take care of all these people."

Do you see the difference there?

A facilitator tries to make sure you have what you need to do the job yourself.  A governor tries to do the job for you.

When we vote for our elected representatives, are we voting for governors or facilitators?

If you read the U.S. Constitution, pay attention to how things are worded.  It's worded the way it is for a specific reason.

The Constitution was written largely for facilitators.  It uses words that show the citizens as individuals and the elected as representatives.  It shows the overall purpose of those elected as facilitators.  It limits and delineates the power and authority of those elected representatives.

The Constitution itself shows the country as a land of opportunity for the individual.  The Constitution is written in such a way that, taken literally or as written, intends for people to be able to do for themselves that which they should do for themselves.

The immediate powers of the government, as written in the Constitution, are largely those needed to protect those individuals ability to do for themselves without attack and attempt at domination by another.  Another person or another country.

We are straying from the Constitution by allowing our elected representatives to think they are governors instead of facilitators.  We are straying from the Constitution by "interpreting" it of reading it as written.

Our elected representatives and those fake people that are called corporations have co-opted the Constitution and have removed opportunities for people and replaced opportunity with  allocation.

They want to control the resources and dole them out for profit instead.  That is NOT what this country and this Constitution are about.