Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Congressional Term Limits

There has been a specter of introducing congressional term limits for a long time now.

The primary driving factor in favor of them is to limit the amount of time a sitting politician has to accrue standing and status among other long term cronies and lobbyists.

Those against installing term limits say the the voting process is a form of term limits itself and if people participated in an educated and responsible manner, the point would be moot.

Normally,  I would be in the against camp, because there is very much an issue of citizens not participating or voting no on intelligent choice but rather simply along party lines, or other means of emotion based motivation.

One of the reasons Congress enacted a term limit on the presidency of the United States is that, largely in part to party politicking, the organization and pressure that political "machines" can exert on the public can be substantial.

It is because of the same reasons of political "machining" is embedded into the congressional races that I say the voting system has become compromised and even with larger numbers of voters participating, the "machines" will have too much sway over the process.

While personally, my suggestion is to abolish political parties and let everyone run as an independent,  I doubt that the parties in existence will give up the power they have now in the best interest of serving the people.

Similarly, though  I think the next best thing is to install congressional term limits,  That will never be voted in either.  Also due to those in power will never willingly relinquish that power.  Just as we can kiss goodbye the notion of congress voting against the Congressional pay increases, separate health care system and private perks they have given themselves to create a separate "ruling class" that does not have to live by the laws it imposes on everyone else.

The best method we have to force this on congress would be to mount a grassroots public campaign to vote out every elected member of congress after only one term every time until a term limit is put in place.

Once the term limit is in place, we are still not out of the dark entirely.  The same potential for abuse of the system exists because they feel a smaller window to push for party agenda issues will make them feel it more critical to be deceptive and evasive.

This could only really be avoided by eliminating party politics altogether.

Wish in one hand and spit in the other, see which one fills up first.