Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Saturday, May 29, 2010

States Rights Take Precedent

A lot of noise is being made by politicians about the Arizona law that takes up immigration laws and makes them state laws.

The U.S Constitution is applicable only to those items specifically listed within the document (as well as the Amendments in the Bill of Rights) anything not specifically mentioned within the document falls directly to state discretion. It's actually a pretty cut and dry issue.

Something for those opponents of the Arizona law based on the supposed potential for racial profiling to consider is, in this country, people are assumed innocent until proven guilty. The President of the United States and others have publicly stated that they are presuming the law enforcement officers in Arizona are to be considered as suspect to racial profiling even though it hasn't happened and the law specifically prohibits and provides punishment for doing so.

Thanks to many congress persons and senators, there are a great many laws that are worded in such a way as that it is possible for nare-do-wells to exploit and otherwise take unfair advantage of said laws. Does that mean the laws are all bad and should be scrapped becasue some few might do something wrong? Or should we demonstrate our faith in the notion of presumed innocent until proven guilty ideal?

The States have the right to make laws to protect their citizens. Period. The U.S President can not agree with it or like it all day long, but he is NOT supporting the unity and cohesion of this country as the UNITED States as long as he deliberately singles out States based on their politics.

Let the process of law be followed. It is assured that the law will be challenged by someone who is taken into custody almost immediately, as is their right, and the courts will have their chance to measure the state law against the U.S. Constitution, as it should.

The President has no business at all interfering and is causing more problems.