Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Traitors among us

Members of both Democrats and Republicans have for far too long held the American people hostage in their battle for total control of the American government.

They have outright lied, made decisions behind closed doors, they will not allow a bill to pass without amending it to to add financial and other boons to their party, political fanciers and cronies.

They behave in un-ethical ways to obtain money for themselves and their comrades. They make every effort to falsify information, shift blame to others and in every way practice deceit.

When they cannot hide their transgressions or their utter failures, they engage in the most shameful public arguments and efforts to create distractions.

What it comes down to is two parties who are in a fight to see which can totally dominate every aspect of American government knowing full well that the government was never intended to be dominated by any one faction.

I find both the Republican and Democratic parties guilty of treason against the American people. They have allowed their own quest for power to obfuscate their elected job to represent the best interests for ALL American citizens, regardless of party affiliation.

Both parties have been heard in public to seek control of both houses of Congress, the presidency and placement of party reps on the Supreme court. That is tantamount to planning a complete takeover of the government and we should not stand for it.

How are foreign enemies any worse when those within our borders practice conquest without regard to the Constitution and the people?

It is time for an end to party politics. The experiment has failed and provided unlimited and expansive opportunities for abuse of the American government. It is time to remove these parties and allow all persons to stand on their own accord, with their own platforms and values before the American people.

It is time to remove the 'career' politicians from office and allow the 'average' citizen to be allowed to do his or her best to represent the interests of their fellow citizens.

Take heed party politicians, Dante's ninth circle of Hell, that shared with the Devil himself, is reserved for traitors to their state and their fellow man.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

If we MUST endure federal intrusion...

The Federal government seems intent to keep increasing it's size and oversight of American citizens lives and day to day activities.

Up to this point, no matter how much protesting has gone on, the government insists on protecting us from ourselves. It insists that a nanny state is the only way to keep things "fair" and politically correct.

Recently, the EPA was smacked for allowing a major corporation, Bayer Crop Sciences, to release for public sale a pesticide that may cause heavy damages to beneficial pollinators like honey bees.

Now, the EPA was set up to protect the public interests from corporations and groups who desire to pawn any poison or nonsense on an unwary public. It is their mission to represent the interests and the safety of the public at large from poisonous and toxic products being foisted on us in the name of a dollar.

So, what does the EPA do? They ram a product without making sure all the pre-requisite tests are complete or even conducted through the system so their buddies at multi-national, highly profitable Bayer Crop Sciences can sell another product on their timetable.

Even if Bayer's product would have completed the tests sufficiently, the tests are there for a reason. As it is, there is much to indicate the product does NOT meet standards and does possibly cause damages and death to pollinators. Shameful at the least.

Bayer claims to be 'disappointed" in the ruling.

It seems to me, that if Bayer were the conscientious, ethical company they want to claim to be, they would have insisted for their own sake, that the product fully meet all EPA specs and tests before release.

But no, instead, they kept silent and took all the money that came from being sold, albeit, without proper controls being met.

Now that the product is to be removed from the shelves however, now it's not fair.

This case demonstrates that our government is for sale at nearly every level and that while corporates love to play the victim and call to the forefront of discussion how much they contribute to society in way of taxes pad, jobs created, products brought to the public, etc... they really only beleive in the bottom line, profits. What do the investors want and to hell with everyone else.

Money isn't the end all, be all reason for living and being in this world.

We expect, nay demand, ethical behavior from the businesses in our communities and more so from the government agencies forced on us to supposedly look out for our interests.

Yet again, MY "bottom" line...Corporations have nothing to keep them ethical and operating in the interests of the community. They are removed from personal and general liability and responsibility and as a result, show no interest in being responsible members of or society.

Large government is a monolith and a greedy one at that. Once it assumes power, it never pulls back. It's interest consistently grow to keeping and growing power instead of ensuring power continues to stay in the hands of the people and the states.