Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How the Lockerbie bomber shows we are succeeding against terrorism

The one thing as a united country we must to do counteract terrorism, by muslim extremists or otherwise is to be who we are, without hesitation.

The principles and values of 'western' societies, which include believing that individual freedoms, personal responsibilities and compassion for our neighbors and countrymen are among our highest concerns, cannot be stuttered on or denied simply because people who want to deny those very things might attack or see themselves as 'rewarded'.

We must continue living by our principles. What is right is right and we must continue to stand for that. Scotland believes, as many do, that compassionate release for those who are dying in prison with no cure or stopping that condition, is the 'right' thing to do.

Scotland believes in ones ability to live and die with ones dignity intact, regardless of whether others hold that person as being dignified or not.

Those in Libya and other countries where extreme muslim thinking is rooted will do well to pay heed that this person was not martyred. He was not given what his extreme muslim thinking values the most.

He was set free. A convicted and captured murderer and one who was set free, granted mercy by those who he would have killed.

The extremists and terrorists have not won, if they could not stop Scotland from acting on it's values in this manner.

They have succeeded in maintaining their convictions in what is right and treated this convict as they would anyone else who would have petitioned under law.

On the contrary, Scotland is winning as all the 'west' won. Were there behind the scenes political and money driven deals, perhaps. That will go to show that it is politics as usual for many of these so-called 'leaders' of our countries. They think of their own wallets and desires before the people they vow to serve.

The system itself though, kept working. Despite polluted politicians and wackos who think death and violence is the way to deal with others.

Remember this, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, you were given your last days in freedom by those you would have cowardly killed. There is more honor in that one action than in any number of the atrocious, cowardly, gutless acts of violence you or any number of those like you could hope to achieve with terrorism.