Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sotomayor and her First Amendment Rights

A lot of the focus has been on the hearings for Judge Sotomayor Although it's pretty much a given for the Democrat judge, nominated by the Democrat President to be voted on by the Democrat majority Congress.

That is to say, if the elected representatives vote along party lines like they shouldn't but usually do, most think she is a shoe in.

Why do I even bother bringing this up?

A huge amount of attention has been brought up concerning a very stupid thing she said some time ago referring to her thinking a white man typically wouldn't be as 'wise' as a 'Hispanic' women in important decision making.

Now, on the whole, it is a pretty stupid thing to say. When a person finally gets over the juvenile emotional reactionary position of making their life decisions based on race and ethnicity, one would hope they would make better decisions in general because they are looking at people simply as people and not as some color of a person.

However, was she making that comment as a way of showing her disagreement with previous and current judges? Does she mean to say that she thinks the 'white' male judges have made rulings that are unfair to people as a whole because they only think as 'white' people?

I don't know. Legally, there's pretty much nothing they can do about that comment coming from her. She has the right to say things aloud that show she disagrees with the government and those who fill government jobs.

That doesn't mean though, she has any protection from other people. So the government can't take action because they don't like her comment. The people who have to vote for her need to take a close, hard look at someone who is supposed to be impartial as a judge.

If a case comes before her in which a white male is in an opposing position to a Hispanic female, will she have an 'automatic' decision there?

She has expressed 'regret' that someone might take her comment the wrong way. Which is ludicrous because there aren't too many ways you can take a comment like that.

What is worse is, she has squandered all the effort and struggle and energy that brought her to where she is now. The persistence, tenacity and grim determination to struggle beyond slavery and living as second class citizens for so long. All those things done by the people in the generations before us, before her, to see she has the opportunity and potential to sit in Americas government as an equal person. Do you read this Sonja? AS AN EQUAL PERSON.

No one went through the lives they did and continued to push forward just so we could change who has 'the power' in government. The idea was to battle on to ensure that all people are seen as equal. To be seen and treated with the respect and dignity all people deserve. Equally.

I hope Ms. Sotomayor really thinks about all those people who helped get her where she is now. I hope if she is voted in as a Supreme Court Judge that she forget she is a Democrat, forget she is a 'Hispanic' and even forget she is a woman. When she is up there on that bench, she is a person, representing and looking out for the best interests of all people.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mexicans, immigration and the revolving door of the U.S. Gov't

Illegal immigration is still a hot topic. Blaming Mexicans and others "South of the Border" is also popular.

Mexicans and others like to say they are doing work no one else wants to do, this is, in large part, very true. BUT, they also they they are 'immigrants" like from other parts of the world and are not treated the same. This is only part true.

An immigrant is someone who is coming to a new country , leaving behind their old country. For good. Forever. You are coming to be part of the whole in the new country, removing yourself entirely from the old.

What a whole lot of Mexicans and others are doing is not immigration. They are being money gypsies. They want to come and live in the U.S., make money and send it back to family in Mexico and other places, and then come and go as they choose, without having left the old country behind at all or being an "American" 'all the way".

Unfortunately, the U.S. set the stage for this back in the 40's and 70's with the Bracero Program. This literally asked Mexicans to come to the U.S. and work jobs usually held by American citizens until their return from war. Mexicans ( and others) did their part, they came to help out and make money. What happened afterward is a shame to all intelligent people. The U.S. gov't shipped these good people out, more as prisoners and criminals rather than as people who came to their aid. Very harsh treatment which to this day has not been forgotten.

Now, modern day Mexicans want to maintain their own 'brasero' program. Coming into to the country and using services, making money (though accepting desperately low wages for it, showing just how bad the jobs are in Mexico) and taking it back to Mexico.

You can't call yourselves immigrants though. You have not 'bought into' becoming an American citizen and that is they key difference between you and the others. (Even some Mexicans who do want to completely leave Mexico behind to become American citizens)

The U.s. practice of allowing disproportionate numbers of VISAs to different countries is still something to shake you r head at. They insist on playing games with the world and who they want to let in. It's something they need to make immediate change over. The methods they take to 'curb' illegal entry could also be improved simply by how they position their 'incoming' offices. They could easily situate Immigration offices at points along border perimeters acting as entry points for people to come and apply for citizenship (this would prevent people from automatically becoming criminals by entering the country before filing) or for some kind of work program that is legally recognized. it would be an 'oasis' for those people walking god only knows how many miles to the Mexican/American border and are half starved and dehydrated. It could save lives.

But they don't. That would foil their game.

However badly the U.S. is handling these matters, that doesn't change the fact that many of the Mexicans in the U.S. are not immigrants nor do they intend to be immigrants. They are gypsies, plain and simple. I think they should quit pretending to be something they are not and quit acting so surprised when others call them out on it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life, Liberty and Happiness...and the ability to create and grow wealth?

There seems to be an increase in politicians using the terms 'creating and maintaining wealth" lately. It's like a catchphrase. When state lawmakers talk about why they are voting for bills or why they pursue certain interests, it is almost becoming a stock answer to make it relate to giving everyone the 'right' to "create and maintain wealth."

There are several television and radio ads with state senators and city council people talking about how everyone needs to create and maintain wealth.

UM, sorry. Not everyone has that as a goal in life. Not everyone 'wants' to be rich.

In fact, if you asked most people, they would be very happy to be 'comfortable'. Meaning to have enough money to support the lifestyle they choose to live. This does not automatically need to be 'wealthy'.

As it is, society has long associated the notion that accumulated wealth automatically equals 'success'. You are not a successful person if you don't amass wealth, is the typical seemingly common idea.

I can ultimately only speak for myself when I say that amassing wealth is not my goal in life. I like to be able to own my own house, car, living 'niceties' like a refrigerator, etc...

I don't need the fanciest or most expensive models out there. I try to be practical. I don't abuse credit. Typically, if I can't afford to pay cash for something, then that means I can't afford it and it doesn't get bought. Period.

I know a lot of people who are like that as well. Conversely, I know a lot of people who think that money is the only way achieve happiness. only when they gotten the most popular things, the fanciest items, regardless of how far into debt they go to get them, they simply 'cannot' be happy until they have them.

That is the 'false' American Dream. The idea that anyone and everyone can and ought to be wealthy.

The United States Constitution does not guarantee a right to wealth. It simply says the government should not get in the way of people who attempt to do so.

As a matter of fact, most of the what the Constitution says has to do with keeping the government out of peoples way. Not instructing the government in making sure that these things happen.

The Constitution does not guarantee 'entitlements' of any kind. It was designed to allow people to pursue their lives in a way that gave them choices and unblocked opportunities to live their own lives without government interference or intrusion.

Yet and still, we have politicians who have decided in their quest for perpetual re-election to promise things to people they have no business offering. To not only see to it that people can create wealth, but to go the step further and create systems that practically demand it. Leaving people with no desire to be wealthy no choice but to participate in banking schemes, government projects and social pressures to try to gain wealth or be punished for not doing so.

The U.S. is the land of freedom and choice.

If you choose to be wealthy, then go for it. If you choose to be broke and homeless, no one is stopping you. The only thing government should be doing is making sure that it stays out of the way and keeps some from taking unfair advantage of others. That's it.

The U.S., state and local governments need to stop trying to tell people how to live. It is only their business to see to it that people are safe, free to live their own lives and make sure everyone is playing fairly. Even the steps it takes into meeting those obligations have limits so as not to supersede personal responsibility and being accountable to each other.

Stay our of our way, politicians and quit trying to force everyone else to live by your ideals. We have our own lives and ambitions, thank you very much.