Constitutional Libertarianism

Constitutional Libertarianism

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Seeing it all in context

"What have here people, is a failure to communicate."  We also have a failure to contemplate.  Any reading of the founding documents requires an appreciation of the context in which they were written.

Too many people now have been convinced somehow that there is something "wrong" with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  They have long been afflicted with the notion that somehow they need to be "translated" or "interpreted".

First of all, this country, this federal government, exist only for the purpose of addressing mutual needs such as national defense, commerce among states and transportation between states, among other things.

It has been a primary understanding, first described in the Declaration of Independence, of which the Constitution is essentially a continuance, that all individuals are self determined.  Each and every individual person that is a citizen in this country has the god given right of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, among other things.  As discussed in previous posts here, we really need to understand the word "liberty" because it means that people are not dictated to by any group be it governmental, religious or otherwise.  Liberty means you think and do for yourself.

It is not the government's role, from that passage forward, to determine any person's life goals, actions, needs or desires.  We do that for ourselves.  As such, the federal government, and state governments before that, exist to see that shared needs are met and that the Constitution and people's rights and liberties are upheld and defended.  This is in the oath of every elected representative they are required to take upon taking elected office.

The thing people need to understand about our specific founding documents is that there is an unspoken but necessary requirement on people in order for it to work as intended.  That is that the citizens need to be truthfully and well educated in order to ensure it's continued andproper functionality.

Jefferson understood this need, he fought for the establishment of public schools so that the people would have that education regardless of how much money they had or where they were or came from.

The primary and basic purpose of public education is to ensure the people are educated and able to continue our style of government as far into the future as possible.

Public libraries support that objective by allowing adults and those not otherwise able to attend public schools due to age, infirmity, etc.. to have access to the information necessary to educate oneself to that end. 

Anything the public schools and libraries provide beyond that is supplementary.

Our Constitution and other founding documents are not "broken" or needing to be changed.  The people tasked with the continuance of it have failed and are becoming unable to meet the requirement of self government as we have established it.

Our public schools have become corrupted and have left the path of honest education to the purpose of continuing our lifestyle and founding documents.  Instead, they have been co-opted  by people who use it to teach misinformation and outright lies in order for them to retain the power and control they have created for the new "ruling class" they have created and foisted upon those same improperly educated, uneducated and apathetic citizensthat ahave allowed it to happen.